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Gender Preference in the Sexual Attractions, Fantasies, and Relationships of Voluntarily Castrated Men

Some men seek castration outside a clear medical need. This study explored how their sexuality changed after castration.

To explore changes in preferred gender(s) of sexual attraction, fantasy, and relationships in voluntarily castrated men with or without gonadal hormone therapy.

A questionnaire was posted at http://www.eunuch.org that yielded data on men who had been voluntarily castrated physically (n = 198) or chemically (n = 96).

Main Outcome Measures
Respondents were asked to report retrospectively on their sexuality, including their sexual activity and which gender(s) they were sexually attracted to, fantasized about, or had sexual relations with 6 months to 1 year before and after castration.

A substantial proportion of men remained sexually active after castration; 37% had sex at least several times per week. Most respondents did not report a change in preferred gender(s) of attraction (65%, n = 181), fantasies (62%, n = 169), or sexual relationships (66%, n = 163), although approximately 20% to 30% of respondents did report such changes and 8% to 11% became non-sexual after castration. Respondents who were attracted to and fantasized about “only men” or who had sexual relationship with “only women” before castration were the least likely to report a change subsequent to castration. Respondents who were taking neither supplemental testosterone nor estrogen were more likely to report (i) becoming attracted to no one, (ii) fantasizing about no one, and (iii) becoming sexually inactive.

Sexual changes in voluntarily castrated men vary and can be influenced by various factors including the use of supplemental testosterone or estrogen therapy.

Average Age at Castration and Current Age for Respondents with Various Frequencies of Sexual Activity (Solitary, eg, Masturbation or with a Partner) After Castration
Current frequency of sexual activityRespondents, nAverage age at castration (y)Average current age (y)
Several times per day1339.750.5
Approximately daily3540.549.0
Several times per week5240.346.7
Once a week or less9943.648.6
Never or almost never6847.453.9
Overall average43.449.7
P < 0.05; significantly different from all other groups in the same column.

Reported Changes in Gender Preference in Sexual Attraction, Fantasy, and Relationships After Voluntary Chemical or Physical Castration
Preferred gender(s) before castrationTotalChangeNo changeChange to non-sexual
 Only men546462
 Mostly men2814113
 Equally men and women3116132
 Mostly women4313264
 Only men8716629
 Mostly eunuchs2020
 Only eunuchs2110
 Mixture of men, women, eunuchs, and others245172
 No one8530
 Total, n (%)279 (100)76 (27.2)181 (64.9)22 (7.9)
χ216,279 = 39.0, P < 0.05
 Only men599491
 Mostly men3114143
 Equally men and women2911171
 Mostly women2912152
 Only men7016459
 Mostly eunuchs9441
 Only eunuchs4220
 Mixture of men, women, eunuchs, and others339213
 No one8521
 Total, n (%)272 (100)82 (30.1)169 (62.1)21 (7.7)
χ216,272 = 29.0, P < 0.05
 Only men16970
 Mostly men201271
 Equally men and women2810117
 Mostly women8313700
 Only men0000
 Mostly eunuchs1010
 Only eunuchs8080
 Mixture of men, women, eunuchs, and others216150
 No one567445
 Total, n (%)233 (100)57 (24.5)163 (70.0)13 (5.6)
χ214,233 = 66.9, P < 0.05
P < 0.001; significantly different from the expected frequencies.

Full article at: http://goo.gl/oI6qwc

By:  Ariel B. Handy, BA,1 Robyn A. Jackowich, BA,2 Erik Wibowo, PhD,3 Thomas Wayne Johnson, PhD,4 and Richard J. Wassersug, PhD5,6,
1Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2Department of Psychology, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada
3Vancouver Prostate Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada
4Department of Anthropology (Emeritus), California State University–Chico, Chico, CA, USA
5Department of Medical Neuroscience, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
6Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Corresponding Author: Richard J. Wassersug, PhD, Level 6, Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9, Canada. Tel: 604-875-4111, ext. 62338Level 6, Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre2775 Laurel StreetVancouverBCV5Z 1M9Canada 
Sex Med. 2016 Mar; 4(1): e51–e59. Published online 2016 Mar 2. doi:  10.1016/j.esxm.2015.11.001

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