Sunday, November 29, 2015

Virological Outcome among HIV-1 Infected Patients on First-Line Antiretroviral Treatment in Semi-Rural HIV Clinics in Togo

Access to antiretroviral treatment (ART) in resource-limited countries has increased significantly but scaling-up ART into semi-rural and rural areas is more recent. Information on treatment outcome in such areas is still very limited notably due to additional difficulties to manage ART in these areas.

387 HIV-1 infected adults (≥18 years) were consecutively enrolled when attending healthcare services for their routine medical visit at 12 or 24 months on first-line ART in five HIV care centers (four semi-rural and one rural). Among them, 102 patients were on first-line ART for 12 ± 2 months (M12) and 285 for 24 ± 2 months (M24). Virological failure was observed in 70 (18.1 %) patients ranging from 13.9 to 31.6 % at M12 and from 8.1 to 22.4 % at M24 across the different sites. For 67/70 patients, sequencing was successful and drug resistance mutations were observed in 65 (97 %). The global prevalence of drug resistance in the study population was thus at least 16.8 % (65/387). Moreover, 32 (8.3 %) and 27 (6.9 %) patients were either on a completely ineffective ART regime or with only a single drug active. Several patients accumulated high numbers of mutations and developed also cross-resistance to abacavir, didanosine or the new NNRTI drugs like etravirine and rilpivirine.

The observations on ART treatment outcome from ART clinics in semi-rural areas are close to previous observations in Lomé, the capital city suggesting that national ART-programme management plays a role in treatment outcome.

Below:  Togo map indicating locations of the healthcare centers where patients were enrolled. The sites where samples were collected for this study are indicated with grey full circles, and the name of the corresponding city at the right. Lomé, the capital city, is indicated with a black full circle

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  • Abla A. Konou
  • Mounerou Salou
  • Nicole Vidal
  • Pascal Kodah
  • Damobé Kombate
  • Pyabalo Kpanla
  • Tchabia Nabroulaba
  • Djifa Nyametso,
  • Assétina Singo-Tokofaï
  • Palokinam Pitche
  • Eric Delaporte
  • Mireille Prince-David
  • Martine Peeters and 
  • Anoumou Y. Dagnra
  • Affiliated with

    • Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire et d’Immunologie (BIOLIM/FSS/UL), Université de Lomé
    • Département des sciences fondamentales et biologiques, Faculté des Sciences de la Santé, Université de Lomé

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