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Prevalence and Behavioral Correlates of Depression and Anxiety among Male Sex Workers in Vietnam

This study assessed depression and anxiety symptoms, and their association with high-risk sexual and drug behaviors, among male sex workers in three Vietnamese cities.

Male sex workers ages 16 to 35 completed an interview that included the CES-D to assess depressive symptoms and the BAI to assess anxiety symptoms, as well as questions assessing drug and sexual risk practices.

A majority of participants reported depressive symptomatology although fewer report symptoms of anxiety. Risky sexual and drug use practices predicted both types of symptoms.

Mental distress is associated with drug and sexual risk among male sex workers.

Table 3

Sexual attraction, sexual identity and sexual behaviors by city
HanoiNha TrangHCMCOverallSignificance
Sexual attraction
 Exclusively/mostly men15.7%22.1%30.5%23.4%x2=38.6, p<.001
 Both men and women49.8%60.4%35.7%46.0%
 Exclusively women34.5%17.5%33.8%30.5%
Sexual identity
 Think of myself as a man68.4%55.8%60.3%62.2%x2=101.1, p<.001
 Think of myself as a woman5.2%2.6%8.9%6.2%
 Think of myself as a transgender person4.8%14.9%3.0%6.2%
 Not sure20.4%25.3%11.1%17.5%
Years since first sex work1.972.502.822.45F=6.32, p=.002
Elective male partners
 Lifetime30.8%52.6%47.1%42.5%x2=23.0, p<.001
 Current (past 30 days)18.0%35.1%30.7%27.2%x2=17.4, p<.001
Elective female partners
 Lifetime83.2%81.8%65.0%75.1%x2=29.1, p<.001
 Recent (past 90 days)64.8%61.0%43.5%54.8%x2=28.4, p<.001
UAI last sex work28.2%54.5%24.8%32.7%x2=43.7, p<.001

Table 4

Drug use by city
HanoiNha TrangHCMCOverallSignificance
Current drug use (past 30 days)
 Alcohol82.4%93.5%80.4%83.9%x2=13.75, p=.001
 Ecstasy8.0%12.3%15.7%12.3%x2=7.56, p=.023
 Amphetamines3.6%8.4%32.0%16.9%x2=89.18, p<.001
Any illicit drug
 Lifetime use52.0%59.1%66.0%59.6%x2=11.24, p=.004
 Current use (past 30 days)29.2%28.6%40.8%34.1%x2=10.97, p=.004

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By:   Goldsamt LA1Clatts MC2Giang LM3Yu G1.
  • 1New York University College of Nursing, New York, NY.
  • 2School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR.
  • 3Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

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