Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sexual Compulsivity and Sexual Sensation Seeking: A Preliminary Approach among Male Sex Workers Compared to Gay Men in Spain

This study aims to explore Sexual Compulsivity (SC) and Sexual Sensation Seeking (SSS) in Male Sex Workers (MSW) compared to a group of non-MSW gay men. 

A total of 60 MSW and 63 gay men answered the SC Scale and the SSS Scale. The total scales' mean score was slightly higher in the MSW population. Still, statistical differences were observed in two SSS items only. In spite of the absence of statistical significance, MSW presented more sexual behavior interferences on their lives and higher failure to control sexual impulses. 

Future interventions among MSW should focus on sexual self-control and impulsivity.

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  • 1 Jaume I University, Basic and Clinical Psycology and Psycobiology , Castellón , Spain.
  • 2 Jaume I University, Basic and Clinic Psycology and Psycobiology, Avda. Sos Baynat S/n , Castellón , 12004 Spain.
  • 3 University of Valencia. General Study , Developmental and Education Psychology , Valencia , Spain.
  • 4 Universitat de València.Estudi General, Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación , Valencia , Spain. 

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