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High Risk Sex Behaviors and Associated Factors in Young Men in Chengdu

To determine the prevalence of high risk sex behaviors and associated factors in 18-34 years old men in Chengdu. Methods An anonymous questionnaire survey was conducted in 18-34 years old men selected by multi-stage random sampling in Chengdu. Data of 1536 respondents who reported having sex contacts were analyzed.

23.6% of respondents had multiple sex partners in the past 12 months; 11.8% were involved commercial sex; 9.0% had group sex; 4. 7% had anal sex; 15.6% had never used a condom; 37.7% had sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Logistic regression analysis revealed that marital status [married, standardized partial regression coefficient (B) = -0.086, P<0.05] , level of education (bachelor or above, B= -0.063, P<0.05), frequency of exposure to pornography (B=0.058, P<0.05), childhood sexual abuse (B= 0.042, P<0.05), first sexual intercourse at an earlier age (B=0.162, P<0.05), frequency of sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs (B=0.054, P<0.05) were significant predictors of having multiplesexual partners. Sexual orientation, age, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug use, anxiety, depression, childhood physical abuse did not appear to be significant factors associated with having multiple sexual partners.

Having multiple sexual partners is the main high risk sex behavior of young men in Chengdu. Childhood sexual abuse and early start of sexual intercourse are the major predictors of having multiple sexual partners.

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 2015 Nov;46(6):866-70.  

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