Wednesday, February 3, 2016

mHealth Tool for Alcohol Use Disorders among Latinos in Emergency Department

Latino drinkers experience a disparate number of negative health and social consequences. Emergency Department Alcohol Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (ED-SBIRT) is viable and effective at reducing harmful and hazardous drinking. However, barriers (e.g. readily available language translators, provider time burden, resources) to broad implementation remain and account for a major lag in adherence to national guidelines. We describe our approach to the design of a patient-centered bilingual Web-based mobile health ED-SBIRT App that could be integrated into a clinically complex ED environment and used regularly to provide ED-SBIRT for Spanish speaking patients.

Below:  AB-CASI Language Selection Screen

Below:  AB-CASI Frequency of Drinks Screen

Below:  Architecture of ED-SBIRT Mobile App Bilingual Text-to-Speech Generation

Below:  AB-CASI Ruler Screen

Full article at:

Department of Emergency Medicine Yale University, School of Medicine New Haven, Connecticut

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