Saturday, February 27, 2016

Transgender Care by Endocrinologists in the United States

Little is known about the attitudes and practice patterns of transgender care by endocrinologists. The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, practice patterns, access and competency among a representative sample of endocrinologists in the MidAtlantic region of the United States.

An anonymous 19 item paper survey was administered to 80 conference attendees that included 61 adult endocrinologists, 13 endocrinology fellows, 2 pediatric endocrinologists and 4 nurse practitioners/physician assistants.

The participation rate was estimated to be ~80%. Sixty three percent of endocrinology providers were willing to provide transgender care but the majority of providers had no current transgender patients under their care. Half of providers had read the Endocrine Society's clinical practice guidelines with a rate of 70% among those under age 40. Nonetheless, only 20% were "very" comfortable in discussing gender identity and/or sexual orientation and 41% described themselves as "somewhat" or "very" competent to provider transgender care.

Endocrinologists and other providers have received more education and training on transgender care within the past decade. Nevertheless, many participants have had little opportunity to care for transgender patients and they rate their competency to do so as low. Research is needed on how to increase comfort levels regarding gender identity among those who provider care to transgender patients.

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By:  Irwig MS1.
  • 1From: Division of Endocrinology and Center for Andrology, The George Washington University, Washington DC, United States. 
  •  2016 Feb 26. 

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