Friday, April 8, 2016

Providing HIV-Related Services in China for Men Who Have Sex with Men

In China, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) care provided by community-based organizations and the public sector are not well integrated.

A community-based organization and experts from the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention developed internet-based services for men who have sex with men, in Guangzhou, China. The internet services were linked to clinical services offering HIV testing and care.

Local setting
The expanding HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men is a public health problem in China. HIV control and prevention measures are implemented primarily through the public system. Only a limited number of community organizations are involved in providing HIV services.

Relevant changes
The programme integrated community and public sector HIV services including health education, online HIV risk assessment, on-site HIV counselling and testing, partner notification, psychosocial care and support, counting of CD4+ T-lymphocytes and treatment guidance.

Lessons learnt
The internet can facilitate HIV prevention among a subset of men who have sex with men by enhancing awareness, service uptake, retention in care and adherence to treatment. Collaboration between the public sector and the community group promoted acceptance by the target population. Task sharing by community groups can increase access of this high-risk group to available HIV-related services.

Below:  HIV testing of men who have sex with men through a project linking internet-based HIV services to testing, in Guangzhou, China, 2008–2013

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